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Planting Genuity® SmartStax® corn allows me to grow 95% of the variety that I want and I only need to plant 5% refuge.  The great thing about Genuity® SmartStax® is that the 5% refuge already comes mixed in the bag.  This saves me time in the spring and gives me added yield, because I'm only planting 5% refuge not 20%.  It's a very simple solution and at the same time allows me to be refuge compliant.

Norm Tinkler, Inkerman, ON


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Product Specifications

Heat Units: 3025 CHU

Maturity Days: 99-102 Days

Key Features

  • Conventional version of highly successful A7270G8 RIB.
  • Highly consistent very top end yield with excellent drydown.
  • Excellent drought and disease tolerance with outstanding health and staygreen.
  • Outstanding adaptability across a wide area maturities and soil types.
  • Exceptional yield potential with very good grain quality.

Spring Vigour 9

Drought Tolerance 9

Stalk Strength 9

Root Strength 9

Stay Green 9

Drydown 9

Test Weight 8

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