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If you are looking for a hybrid that will give you top end yield, high test weight grain, a full season variety for Eastern Ontario, go with A6535G8 RIB Complete. Last year it topped the scales at 223.6 bu. per acre at Andrew Harbers farm in Dundas County.

Ron Ferguson, CCA ON

A5004G2 RIB

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Product Traits

PRIDE G2 Genuity® VT Double PRO® RIB Complete®

Product Specifications

Heat Units: 2450 CHU

Maturity Days: 78-82 Days

Key Features

  • PRIDE G2 hybrid featuring dual modes of action against European Corn Borer,
    and other above ground insect pests including earworm
  • • RIB Complete®  5% refuge in the bag for automatic refuge compliance and higher
    whole farm yield potential
  • Outstanding ear consistency with high test weight and quality. Slender ear style.
  • Excellent stability, health and disease tolerance

Spring Vigour

Drought Tolerance

Stalk Strength

Root Strength

Stay Green


Test Weight

Product Sheet

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