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The reason I grow PRIDE Seeds is because there is a strong dealer presence in the area and I trust my PRIDE dealer John Hussack from Roy-A-Lea Seeds to bring a recommendation to my farm.  This year I grew a few different varieties including  A7188G8 RIB, A6535G8 RIB and PS 2393 NR2

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HiStick Soybean Inoculants

HiStick N/T  BioStacked family of soybean inoculants are unique in their ability to increase yield potential in soybeans given the presence of two biologicals.  The first biological is a proven and superior nitrogen-fixing rhizobia.  The second is a naturally occurring beneficial organism called Bacillis subtilis, which has a unique ability to significantly increase plant vigour, root mass and nodule formation while also providing root disease suppression.  HiStick N/T BioStacked inoculants enhance yield potential through:

  • More rhizobia. With HiStick N/T Liquid you get three billion nitrogen-fixing rhizobia per gram of product which is rated at 50% more than competitive products.
  • Greater plant vigour.  Crop canopy closure is up to five days earlier through Nodulating Trigger technology.
  • Root disease suppression.  Bacillis subtilis forms a 'protective sheath' around the root system that can suppress seedling diseases caused by Rhizoctonia spp. and Fusarium spp.   Technology Sheet

Choose the formulation of HiStick N/T that works best for your operation

  • HiStick N/T Peat and HiStick N/T Liquid are BioStacked inoculants with two beneficial microorganisms tht work together with the soybean root system to enhance yield potential.  Use these convenient formulations if inoculating on the farm prior to planting.  HiStick N/T Liquid can also be applied by a certified bulk seed treatment retail location in advance of delivery.


  • High potency, liquid co-inoculant
  • BioStacked for greater nodule mass, faster canopy closure and greater vigour
  • Greater yield potential      Technology Sheet