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PS 2082 NR2 “Excellent emerging bushy type soybean that does well on all soil types. It was the first bean out of the ground in the plots last spring. Was the best standing, highest yielding soybean in Maynard's soybean plot. 1.3 bu/ac better than plot average at 17 locations in SW Ontario in 2010 2.2 bu/ac over RR1 varieties on 29 compares.”

Dan Foster, CCA ON

PRIZE Alfalfa

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Product Specifications

PRIZE Alfalfa

Availability:  PRIZE is exclusive to PRIDE Seeds in Eastern Canada

Quality:  Excellent forage quality.  Adapted to rotational grazing.

Yield:  Excellent stand persistence and yields to maintain a profitable rotation

Winter Hardiness:  Extremely winter hardy

Disease and  Pest Reaction:   PRIZE is highly resistant to all major diseases and resistant to main insects    

Pre-Inoculation:  PRIDE pre-inoculates all alfalfa for planting convenience.  The PRIDE pre-inoculation process ensures effective nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria are uniformly applied.

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