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PRIDE  is a leader in delivering the best in seed genetics, together with traits that make sense for our producers.  Our entire team invests a great deal of time understanding our customer needs. Our goal is to increase on farm yields and profitability.

Dave DenBoer, CCA-ONManager Product Development and Agronomy


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Product Traits

Roundup Ready® Corn 2 Total Ration Solutions

Product Specifications

Heat Units: 3000 CHU

Maturity Days: 98-101 Days

Key Features

  • Roundup Ready® hybrid in same family as A7188G8 RIB
  • Outstanding yield potential and grain quality with excellent mould tolerance
  • Outstanding adaptability across a wide maturity zone and across varied soil types
  • Strong visual defense mechanism to drought conditions
  • Proven silage winner with high tonnage and digestibility
  • Roundup Ready crop safety yield advantage

Spring Vigour 9

Drought Tolerance 8

Stalk Strength 7

Root Strength 7

Stay Green 7

Drydown 9

Test Weight 8

Product Sheet

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