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The genetic and trait combinations we are selling today were chosen not only based on yield potential, but also for their performance under stress conditions. At the end of the day, consistent performance under a range of conditions will deliver increased profit on the farm.

Dave DenBoer, CCA-ON


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Product Traits

Roundup Ready® Corn 2 Total Ration Solutions

Product Specifications

Heat Units: 3000 CHU

Maturity Days: 98-101 Days

Key Features

  • Roundup Ready® hybrid in same family as A7188G8 RIB
  • Outstanding yield potential and grain quality with excellent mould tolerance
  • Outstanding adaptability across a wide maturity zone and across varied soil types
  • Strong visual defense mechanism to drought conditions
  • Proven silage winner with high tonnage and digestibility
  • Roundup Ready crop safety yield advantage

Spring Vigour 9

Drought Tolerance 8

Stalk Strength 7

Root Strength 7

Stay Green 7

Drydown 9

Test Weight 8

Product Sheet

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