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Genuity® SmartStax®, PRIDE G8 and the PRIDE 1 Bag system has made our planting operation as efficient as it can be.  Excellent plant health and grain quality are key factors for our dairy herd and harvestability is phenomenal.  We try hard to maximize our hours in the field and in the barn.  PRIDE Seeds G8 SmartStax® 1 Bag solution is a big part of how we succeed at that.

Roy a Lea Farms, Binbrook, ON

PS 2955 NR2

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Product Specifications

Heat Units: 3100-3300

Group Zone: 2.9

Hilum Colour: Imperfect Black

Plant Height: Medium-Tall

Key Features

  • NEW Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybean variety
  • Strong SCN, Phytophthora and sudden death resistance ratings
  • Consistent high yielding variety with excellent standability and branching
  • Very suitable for clay soils
  • Visually attractive and ease of harvest

Plant Characteristics

Standability 9

Soil Type Recommendations

Sand 7

Loam 8

Clay 9

Row Width Recommendations

Wide 24”+ 8

Narrow -20” 9

Product Sheet

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