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PRIDE Seeds will be at the head of the class as one of the few companies to invest in RIB Complete processing equipment for a production plant in Canada.  Our investment in the 1BAG.CA process ensures our customers will maximize yield potential and simplify refuge compliance by planting PRIDE G8 Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete and PRIDE G2 hybrids featuring Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete.

Grant CravenVice President Production

PS 0416 R2

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Product Specifications

Heat Units: 2550-2700

Group Zone: 0.4

Hilum Colour: Black

Plant Height: Medium-tall

Key Features

  • CHU Maturity Range:  2550-2700
  • NEW Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybean variety
  • Consistent high yielding variety with excellent standability and branching
  • Roundup Ready® crop safety yield advantage
  • Visually attractive and ease of harvest

Plant Characteristics

Standability 9

Soil Type Recommendations

Sand 8

Loam 9

Clay 8

Row Width Recommendations

Wide 24”+ 8

Narrow -20” 9

Product Sheet

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