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PS 2082 NR2 “Excellent emerging bushy type soybean that does well on all soil types. It was the first bean out of the ground in the plots last spring. Was the best standing, highest yielding soybean in Maynard's soybean plot. 1.3 bu/ac better than plot average at 17 locations in SW Ontario in 2010 2.2 bu/ac over RR1 varieties on 29 compares.”

Dan Foster, CCA ON

PS 0416 R2

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Product Specifications

Heat Units: 2550-2700

Group Zone: 0.4

Hilum Colour: Black

Plant Height: Medium-tall

Key Features

  • CHU Maturity Range:  2550-2700
  • NEW Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybean variety
  • Consistent high yielding variety with excellent standability and branching
  • Roundup Ready® crop safety yield advantage
  • Visually attractive and ease of harvest

Plant Characteristics

Standability 9

Soil Type Recommendations

Sand 8

Loam 9

Clay 8

Row Width Recommendations

Wide 24”+ 8

Narrow -20” 9

Product Sheet

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