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PS 2082 NR2 “Excellent emerging bushy type soybean that does well on all soil types. It was the first bean out of the ground in the plots last spring. Was the best standing, highest yielding soybean in Maynard's soybean plot. 1.3 bu/ac better than plot average at 17 locations in SW Ontario in 2010 2.2 bu/ac over RR1 varieties on 29 compares.”

Dan Foster, CCA ON

Priaxor Program

Here’s how:

1. Fill out the enrollment form below and submit to your PRIDE Seeds dealer when ordering your corn or soybean seed needs for 2016. Deadline for enrollment is March 15, 2016. Offer open to growers in Ontario and Quebec.

2. Plant the PRIDE Seeds corn hybrids or soybean varieties in the spring of 2016 that you ordered. (minimum 80 acres).

3. Purchase and apply PRIAXOR® fungicide to your enrolled acres during the summer of 2016 at the recommended plant growth stage. (minimum 80 acres).

4. Once the PRIAXOR® treatment is verified on your planted PRIDE Seeds corn hybrids or soybean varieties, payment of $1.00 per matched acre will be made directly to you by BASF.

Matched acres are determined using whichever is less - enrolled acres or purchased acres of PRIDE Seeds corn and/or soybean seed matched with purchased and applied acres of PRIAXOR® fungicide.

Combine the yield potential of PRIDE Seeds corn hybrids and soybean varieties with the innovative, broad-spectrum fungicides PRIAXOR®. Research continues to show that by protecting your plants from disease and by preserving plant health, the corn plant can divert more energy into yield, increasing your return per acre.

Enrollment Form

For more information Priaxor®  please contact AgSolutions®  Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2773). Note fungicide Priaxor®  must be purchased between October 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016. This offer is open to Canadian growers who reside in Ontario and Quebec. For calculation purposes, one unit of corn (80,000 kernel equivalent) will equate to 2.5 acres planted; one unit of soybeans (140,000 seed equivalent) will equate to 0.7 acres planted.

Terms & Conditions