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Aggressive early cash discounts, prime minus Partner Plan financing, Visa and MasterCard payment options – we work with our customers to meet their individual payment needs.

Arlene PostmaManager Customer Service & Supply

Advantage Acre

Our success is solely based on our ability to earn your business every year – both in terms of product performance and, perhaps more importantly, in terms of how our team services your needs with product and agronomy information. Our goal at PRIDE Seeds is to address your cropping needs and help grow your business through our Advantage Acre field services program which includes:

• The PRIDE Seeds agronomy team provides information on product and field positioning along with agronomy advice so you can take best advantage of the genetic potential of our products.
• Check out the agronomy and product information at prideseed.com and fieldtalk.com.
• Follow our team and PRIDE Seeds on twitter @PRIDESEEDS.
• Watch for timely agronomy information through our sponsorship of Real Agriculture cornschool.com and soybeanschool.com.

• Superior product quality driven by our dedicated production teams.
• Industry leading stand protection policy to support our customers in the event of replant or severe stand reduction situations.
• 48 hour field support to answer your questions when you have them, particularly during stand establishment in the spring.

PRIDE Seeds has collaborated with key industry information sources to provide you with the information tools you need to make more profitable decisions on the farm.
• Use weathercentral.ca to accurately forecast corn crop growth stages from planting through to harvest, along with other production modeling tools. Being able to forecast growth stage timing helps to time in-season fertilizer, herbicide and fungicide applications. It can also help in making marketing decisions based on harvest timing.
• Use weathercentral.ca for up-to-date information on wind speeds, direction, and recommendations to aid in spray timing decisions with SPRAYcast®.
• Receive by E-MAIL or TEXT timely market information and recommendations from Moe Agostino, Risk Management (riskmanagement.farms.com). This has proven to be a valuable information source through the market volatility of the last few years.
• Flexible payment options including Visa® and MasterCard®.
• Attractive early cash discounts.

From agressive early cash discounts to Partner Plan Financing programs or Visa® and MasterCard® credit card payment opotions, PRIDE Seeds will work to meet your individual payment needs.  Ask about our Partner Plan Plus financing program that allows you to lock in early cash discount savings. (More Information)  This program features prime minus financing with interest starting June 20th. Stretch your available dollars by financing your seed purchases through to December with Partner Plan Financing which is presented in coordination with Farm Credit Canada. Click Here - to get the latest application form.

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