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  • PRIDE Seeds has announced that the first fully integrated Refuge in the Bag facility has been approved to package PRIDE G8 hybrids featuring Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete and PRIDE G2 hybrids featuring Genuity® VT Double PRO RIB Complete technologies in Canada. 

    "We are proud of the investment our parent company AgReliant Genetics has made in our Pain Court facility which gives us the capability to supply our customers with the best yield and refuge management tools on the market today," notes Grant Craven, VP of Production with PRIDE Seeds. 

    At the heart of the 1BAG.CA system is the Fischbein Simplex Refuge Scale System that automatically blends seeds from two different hybrids to create the RIB Complete blend that will be used by PRIDE Seeds customers across the country.  In preparation for the system launch, the PRIDE Seed production team underwent a three-day training period to qualify to run the equipment.  

    "This system allows us to very efficiently package, in the same bag at the same time, the traited and refuge hybrids meeting federal, industry as well as our own strict internal standards," adds Craven.

    The 1BAG.CA production system offers producers two hybrids in the same bag with consistency and uniformity from three perspectives. First, consistency in seed size, seed weight and seed treatment coverage for excellent plantability. Second, the 5% refuge hybrid will complement the main 95% hybrid for maturity, drydown, height and other characteristics to optimize yield potential in the same field. Third, the system evenly distributes the refuge hybrid seed throughout the bag to ensure uniform distribution in the field at planting.

    "We recognized the benefits of a one-bag yield and refuge management solution for producers early on and therefore have worked diligently both from a product development and field and plant production perspective to be able to offer these simple field solutions to our customers this year," says Stephen Denys, VP of Sales and Marketing with PRIDE Seeds. "As a result we have a full range of PRIDE G2 and PRIDE G8 RIB Complete hybrids with meaningful volumes out of the gate for 2012 following the recent federal approvals for Refuge in the Bag technologies. Our goal is to meet the market demand for these production tools while making them an integral part of our product offering into the futureThe simplicity of yield and refuge management offered through the RIB Complete 1BAG.CA system is unparalleled on the market today."