Media Releases

  • Pain Court, ON:  With the announcement of the approval for import into China of Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ soybeans, PRIDE Seeds has announced the launch of its full portfolio of PRIDE XRN, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ soybean varieties for commercialization in time for planting this spring.
    “The launch of our portfolio of PRIDE XRN Roundup Ready 2 XTEND™ varieties provides soybean producers with a game-changing technology to approach weed control in soybeans,” says Stephen Denys, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with PRIDE Seeds. “The ability to use approved formulations of Dicamba either as part of a pre-emerge or post-emergent weed control program provides our customers with a new tool for the control of broadleaf weeds including resistant strains of Canada fleabane and giant ragweed.”  
    Denys says their enthusiasm for the Roundup Ready 2 XTEND™ varieties was heightened on the experience of seed producers this past year. “The yield and especially the weed control flexibility exceeded expectations,” says Denys. “This is a winner for producers looking for a system to control a full range of weeds including glyphosate resistant strains. We have not seen this kind of step change in soybean weed control since the advent of the first Roundup Ready system almost two decades ago.”
    PRIDE Seeds has a full range of mid to late-day PRIDE XRN Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ soybean varieties available for order. These include:
    PS 0555 XRN  ​MG 0.5, 2575–2800 CHU
    PS 1222 XRN ​MG 1.2, 2600-3000 CHU
    PS 1666 XRN  ​MG 1.6, 2800-3000 CHU
    PS 2020 XRN  ​MG 2.0, 2900-3100 CHU
    PS 2444 XRN  ​MG 2.4, 2900-3200 CHU
    PS 2777 XRN  ​MG 2.7, 3100-3300 CHU

    Denys notes that early cash discounts are still available for producers looking to lock in savings and use this new system in 2016. PRIDE Seeds will also honour prepayment and early order terms up to the volume ordered on Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean varieties where growers would like to switch to PRIDE XRN Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ varieties where supplies are available.