There will be a large difference between a “simple frost” that just damages or kills some of the leaves vs. a “killing frost” that completely stops thephotosynthesis of the plant. Learn more:

PRIDE Seeds agronomist Matt Chapple shares how seed companies stress test hybrids to ensure only the best, most resilient hybrids make it to market. He also discusses how hybrid performance can vary in different environments and why it’s critical to properly position a hybrid on a farm to optimize yield.

While Goss’s Wilt is found in Western Canada, it is not currently widespread, and is hard to find in fields year after year, you do need to know how to identify and manage. 

PRIDE Seeds is excited to welcome our 2022 summer students. Each year, we select a handful of college/university students who are working towards a career in agriculture to join our team, learn about the industry and contribute to the success of our organization. We’d love to introduce to you our summer student team. Chelsea Sauvé,

Stacked herbicide tolerant soybeans combat numerous issues, and PRIDE Seed's hand-selected portfolio of Group 0 to 3 soybeans offer the three industry-leading soybean trait packages so you can fight aggressive weeds head-on.