While Goss’s Wilt is found in Western Canada, it is not currently widespread, and is hard to find in fields year after year, you do need to know how to identify and manage. 

PRIDE Seeds is excited to welcome our 2022 summer students. Each year, we select a handful of college/university students who are working towards a career in agriculture to join our team, learn about the industry and contribute to the success of our organization. We’d love to introduce to you our summer student team. Chelsea Sauvé,

Stacked herbicide tolerant soybeans combat numerous issues, and PRIDE Seed's hand-selected portfolio of Group 0 to 3 soybeans offer the three industry-leading soybean trait packages so you can fight aggressive weeds head-on.

Despite what the spring throws at us; multiple snowstorms and rain events, low temperatures. It is still very important to target proper soil temperature and conditions for planting corn. If we start planting into soil conditions that are cool and wet, we can expose the corn seed to a lot of stress that can potentially set the crop back further.

In any given weather condition, understanding and evaluating corn emergence is critical. This newsletter will explain reasons for poor emergence and how we can try to avoid it and track it in spring.

As warmer weather arrives and fields start to dry up, many growers are tempted to begin field work in preparation for planting. RealAg interviews PRIDE seeds own Matt Chappel about setting up your own game plan for the season. 

There are many unique factors to consider when planting corn. This can be overwhelming for some, especially during the busy and stressful spring months. To set your corn crop up for success, we will focus on five corn planting checklist items to keep in mind this spring.