With A6566G8 we have a better overall yield punch

This hybrid has us really excited. Yield results from our plots this year have shown that it has an edge on A6455G8 (+13 bu) and A6585G8 yield wise (+7.4 bu) and it has proven to be a strong silage hybrid as well in our commercial plots this year!

Emergence has been good with the hybrid over the past couple years in plots with a slight edge over 6455G8.  It flowers closer to A6585G8 or A6572G2 than A6455G8, but A6566G8 tends to be lower in harvested moisture.

Additionally, A6566G8 has a stronger disease package...We have always cautioned A6455G8 in high disease environment, but with A6566G8 we’ve got better plant health.

A6566G8 is stable across all soil types which has always been a strong point for A6455G8...but with A6566G8 we have a better overall yield punch. 

It has a short husk and will flare out completely and be wide open – caution for birds and insects and wind damage (especially near the lake) but it doesn’t hurt yields though from what we’re seeing. 

That’s all for now!


Olivia Noorenberghe, M.Sc., CCA
Market Development Agronomist

Olivia Noorenberghe Market Development Agronomist - Southeastern Ontario