It is sometimes difficult to control certain weeds, even with glyphosate. What can explain the low effectiveness of glyphosate?  Often the cause is too late application. Two problematic weeds at this level are lambsquarters and velvetleaf.          REASON: These 2 weeds have a high calcium content, which may
As seen during visits in June 2021. This insect was reported in eastern Quebec last year and was detected in several new areas this spring, including Nicolet.  The adult moth was able to lay its eggs last fall, and the mild winter may have contributed to the survival of the eggs.  Young larvae attack the foliage of several plants
This syndrome occurs in young corn plants and is attributed to limited or simply absent development of the nodal roots.  Various factors are involved:  1. Shallow planting Seed MUST be sown to a MINIMUM depth of 1.5 inches to ensure that nodal roots grow 3/4 inch below the soil surface. Excessive or absent moisture will cause the death