PRIDE Seeds agronomist Matt Chapple shares how seed companies stress test hybrids to ensure only the best, most resilient hybrids make it to market. He also discusses how hybrid performance can vary in different environments and why it’s critical to properly position a hybrid on a farm to optimize yield.

Stacked herbicide tolerant soybeans combat numerous issues, and PRIDE Seed's hand-selected portfolio of Group 0 to 3 soybeans offer the three industry-leading soybean trait packages so you can fight aggressive weeds head-on.

By now many have heard the crop losses associated with the corn disease Tar Spot. The complex disease is made up of two fungal pathogens: Phyllachora maydis and Monographella maydis. 
The purpose of this project was to demonstrate varietal response to population and genetic response to fungicide application and to determine if ROI increases when populations are increased and a fungicide is applied.

Bt resistant CRW has resulted in measurable yield loss and has triggered an urgent call for farmers to implement management strategies regarding the utilization of Bt proteins. 

Understanding the incidence and severity of disease pressure is important to differentiate tolerance of hybrids. Diverse genetics can be placed and managed to reduce risk of yield loss associated with disease pressure. A look at inbred line tolerance to various diseases