When scouting a newly planted cornfield, it is important to understand the fundamental growth habits and what the plant should look like above and below the soil surface.

Ear Flex

Ear type is an important agronomic trait to consider when optimizing planting population.

And just like that, planting season is right around corner. When it comes to planting corn, it is important to get the depth right, as it is essential for proper root development, growth, and maturity.  In Western Canada, corn needs to be planted deeper than other crops grown (canola, flax wheat, barley, oats, etc.). Ideal planting

Soil Fertility

PRIDE Seeds Market Development Agronomist Neil McGregor discusses what you need to think about when it comes to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. He also explains why it's important to test your soil every few years or so.

Silage Corn: EDF VS EDP

PRIDE Seeds Market Development Agronomist Sara Meidlinger discusses the differences between EDF (Effective Digestible Fibre) and EDP (Effective Dual Purpose) silage hybrids. It's important to know the differences between these types of silage hybrids in terms of digestibility, palatability and harvest window.

Fungicides on Corn

PRIDE Seeds Market Development Agronomists Drew Thompson and Matt Chapple discuss fungicides on corn, and how the genetics of various hybrids react.