Silage Corn: EDF VS EDP

PRIDE Seeds Market Development Agronomist Sara Meidlinger discusses the differences between EDF (Effective Digestible Fibre) and EDP (Effective Dual Purpose) silage hybrids. It's important to know the differences between these types of silage hybrids in terms of digestibility, palatability and harvest window.

Fungicides on Corn

PRIDE Seeds Market Development Agronomists Drew Thompson and Matt Chapple discuss fungicides on corn, and how the genetics of various hybrids react.
The vast majority of producers understand the need/importance of sulfur for optimal corn yields, and most are targeting a ratio of 10-12:1 for N:S. This means that for every 10-12 lb/ac of N applied to their corn crop they will aim to have 1 lb/ac of sulfur – so an N rate of 180 lb/ac would have 15-20 lb/ac of sulfur. This seems to be the

Corn seed sizing

Corn seed sizing has always been an important part of the seed ordering process. For generations we have felt that a medium flat would be the right choice for finger pickup planters, or possibly a round size would be better to meter on a vacuum unit.  Other considerations included the fact that the germination rate is dramatically

The impact of boron on corn

In late August, PRIDE Seeds agronomist Drew Thompson was called to visit a grower’s corn field, where the complaint was ears that were small, misshapen and poorly pollinated. 

PRIDE Seeds is now using the Fortenza® Maxim®Quattro with Stamina® (FMQ/S) package of insecticide and fungicides as its primary seed treatment on corn products, and for good reason.

Agronomist Matt Chapple says the company has embraced the move because of FMQ/S’s proven effectiveness at providing both early-season insect and disease protection, as well as increased plant health and cold tolerance.

Corn Grain Fill, Maturity and Drydown

Here is a quick review of late season kernel development & terms.

Kernel development through to maturity can be separated into two stages:  The grain fill and the after physiological maturity period.

Pollination in the Corn Field

Pollination is one of the most critical stages in the life of a corn plant.  Unfortunately, pollination is also one of the least controllable aspects of grain production since its success or failure is mainly influenced by environmental conditions.
In this article I hope to provide some insight into grain corn progression towards maturity, and an understanding of the growth stages after tasseling/silking and pollination.

Foliar Fungicides in Corn

As we reach full tassel stage in corn, we are receiving some last-minute questions regarding fungicide applications. One of the questions that we regularly receive is: "Which PRIDE hybrids are more likely to have a positive response to a foliar fungicide application?" This interest in hybrid specific response is also spurred on by