Fungicides on Corn

PRIDE Seeds Market Development Agronomists Drew Thompson and Matt Chapple discuss fungicides on corn, and how the genetics of various hybrids react.
The first ever planting of the PRIDE Seeds demo plot in Pain Court, ON has been completed under the direction of Market Development Agronomist Matt Chapple. The new demo plot is located on the property of PRIDE’s head office, adjacent to the new PRIDE Seeds Education Centre, which was unveiled earlier this year.    The project

While it might be tempting to skip the process of planting a cover crop, there are some very compelling reasons not to.

Aaron Bowman, an agronomist with PRIDE Seeds says cover crops can reduce the soil erosion caused by wind and rain, as well as alleviate soil compaction.

Today’s high yielding hybrids and increasing population densities have researchers once again looking at the quantity and timing of nutrient uptake throughout the growing season. Each macro and micronutrient has a unique role and individual characteristics within the growing plant. Having the right rate at the right time can definitely influence the performance of high yielding hybrids.


You have made your bed - Now your SEED has to lay in it!

How many times have we heard this adage or something like it? In real terms, it basically says that once we lay the foundation for something we will have to live with it - and the consequences. It's kind of like planting; the first step in a crop's life, and probably the one we have the most control over. When you think about it, most farmers