When it comes to bringing our producers the newest soybean offerings first we look at yield potential and agronomic traits, then we look for flexibility when it comes to a herbicide platform. PRIDE Seeds is proud to offer XRN ( Roundup Xtend®️), XFN (Xtend Flex®️), and EN (Enlist®️ E3) soybeans. This is reflected in our new additions for the 2022 season.

PS0011 XRN (00.0 RM)

This soybean is best positioned as an early MG 00 or late MG 000. Does well on both sandy and clay soils however it is a standout on loamy soils. Best positioned on 7” or 15” rows. With excellent emergence and standability this soybean is sure to impress from start to finish. Very good white mould rating and phytophthora resistance to the Rps 1c race plus SCN protection rounds out this soybean as a sound agronomic choice.

PS0521 XRN (0.5 RM)

This new 0.5 RM soybean has a diverse application thanks to its excellent rating across all soil types and row configurations. Very good phytophthora field tolerance paired with resistance to the Rps 1c gene allow PS0521 XRN to bring a strong agronomic base to the table. Add on top of that a very good white mould rating, SCN protection and excellent no-till adaptability and you have a bean deserving a look on any farm in its growing area. Both PS0011 XRN and PS0521 XRN fall under the Roundup Xtend®️ platform and are tolerant to dicamba and glyphosate herbicides.

PS1421 EN (1.4 RM)

This new soybean is our earliest maturing Enlist®️ E3 variety. It brings with it a broad acre placement across many soil types and row configurations. This bean will perform well under potential stressed environments with very strong ratings for SCN, field phytophthora, SDS, stem canker and brown stem rot. This bean stretches laterally for its medium bush designation and shows some top-end yield potential through its impressive pod load on the top of the plant.

PS1721 EN (1.7 RM)

PS1721EN is our second Enlist®️ E3 soybean being added to the lineup for 2022. It has had impressive showings across all soil types but is a standout on the clay, disease-prone environments. With its excellent emergence and standability, its stacked Rps 1c/3a phytophthora genes and excellent phytophthora field tolerance it brings an impressive lineup to no-till clay acres. A versatile fit across all row configurations thanks to its strong performance in white mould environments and medium/bush canopy. This is one to look at in the 1.7 maturity group. Both PS1421 EN and PS1721 EN bring the Enlist®️ E3 herbicide program to the table. They feature 2,4-D choline, glufosinate and glyphosate tolerance.

PS2321 XFN (2.3 RM)

One of our two new additions from the XtendFlex®️ platform is PS2321 XFN. Its strong performance while an experimental earned it a wide soil type and row configuration placement. A bushy canopy allows for quicker row closure but very good white mould rating keeps it as an excellent choice even for narrower rows. Strong emergence plus a phytophthora package that has both very good field tolerance and Rps 1c genetic resistance allows it to be placed in a no-till clay environment without concern. PS2321XFN brings top-end yield potential and an impressive agronomic package to the table.

PS2521 XFN (2.5 RM)

PS2521 XFN is our second XtendFlex®️ addition for 2022. This bean is an easy choice when going into a high-stress, mid-low yield environment. Similar in stature to PS2321 XRN a larger plant style allows for timely canopy closure yet excellent white mold tolerance and standability allow for a broad acre placement. On sharp sands excellent drought tolerance and SDS rating can be observed. PS2521 XFN can be stretched both north and south of its zone well. This soybean remains the choice when planting into a limited yield environment where defensive agronomics are a must! Both PS2321 XFN and PS2521 XFN fall under the XtendFlex®️ platform and have tolerance to dicamba, glufosinate and glyphosate.