Western Canada Wrap Up for the Season


This fall couldn’t have been better for corn silage harvest, grain corn harvest and fall field work, but I think it’s fair to say that winter has arrived! This newsletter will cover multiple topics including trial results, updates to the commercial line-up and a seed treatment update.

Trial Results & Plot Data

Over 65 corn silage, grazing corn and grain corn plots were harvested across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta this season. In addition to commercial hybrids, experimental hybrids are tested in these plots. Testing experimental hybrids in the maturity zone they are bred for is critical to understanding their performance, yield potential and prospective weaknesses. We are committed to bringing rigorously tested hybrids to the commercial line-up in the future and the plot program is key to that success.

Plot Data for the 2022 season (and previous seasons) can be found at:

A huge thank you to all the plot cooperators and retail contacts that make the PRIDE Seeds plot program a success – we could not do it without your support and extremely valued help!

2022-2023 Commercial Line-up Update

As everyone knows, products come and go based on marketplace demand, new commercial hybrids and fit in the market. Below is brief update on the changes to the commercial line-up:

  1. Goodbye A4514RR. Although this is a tried and tested dual-purpose option, the demand just isn’t strong enough to keep it in the commercial line-up. Comparable products include A4323G2 RIB for grain corn, A4646G2 RIB as a dual-purpose hybrid and A4705HMRR as a grazing or silage option. Once the A4514RR we have in stock is gone, this product will no longer be available.
  2. Hello AS1018G2 EDF RIB AND AS1028G2 EDF RIB! These products offer the great characteristics of our silage specific hybrids (white cob, tall upright plant, long season stay-green, etc) with the added benefit of above-ground insect protection (European Corn Borer, Fall Armyworm Corn Earworm). These products are a great fit for fields with insect pressure and for continuous corn acres.
    1. AS1018G2 EDF RIB and AS1028G2 EDF RIB are most comparable to AS1017RR EDFand AS1027RR EDF respectively for maturity, plant characteristics, yield and quality.
    2. AS1028G2 EDF RIB & AS1018G2 EDF RIB will have very limited supply for 2022/2023 season, but we are planning for a full launch for the 2023/2024 season and will be testing in plots in 2023.

Seed Treatment Update

The seed treatment offering for the 2023 growing season has been updated to: Fortenza® Maxim® Quattro + Stamina® + Vayantis®. Previously, Fortenza® Maxim® Quattro + Stamina® was the standard seed treatment for all PRIDE Seeds hybrids.

Ingredient Breakdown

TRADE NAMEFortenza®Maxim® QuattroStamina®Vayantis®
ACTIVE INGREDIENTCyantraniliproleFludioxonil Mefenoxam Azoxystrobin ThiabendazPyraclostrobinPicarbutrazox
PURPOSENon-neonic InsecticideFungicideExtra Fungicide – enhanced cold toleranceExtra fungicide – additional pythium protection

Vayantis® has been added to seed treatment package for all newly bagged product. The addition of Vayantis® is to enhance the control of Pythium species that can cause seed rot, pre- & post-emergence damping-off. Pythium is a disease that thrives in damp and wet early season soil conditions.