PRIDE Seeds is now using the Fortenza® Maxim®Quattro with Stamina® (FMQ/S) package of insecticide and fungicides as its primary seed treatment on corn products, and for good reason.

Agronomist Matt Chapple says the company has embraced the move because of FMQ/S’s proven effectiveness at providing both early-season insect and disease protection, as well as increased plant health and cold tolerance.

“Considering that this package offers high level protection in a non-class 12 category, it was an easy choice for PRIDE to move in this direction,” Chapple says. “This treatment provides our growers with the opportunity to move away from neonics without sacrificing anything in terms of protection.”

FMQ/S provides early-season insect spectrum control from some of the most economically harmful pests such as wireworms, cutworms and seed corn maggot.

Chapple notes that Fortenza® was initially used in vegetable production, but was later approved for use on corn as it is much safer for pollinators, yet still offers rapid pest control. Its ability to move systemically in the plant optimizes control of early-season pests up to the V4 stage.

“Multiple years of data since 2014 have demonstrated its consistent ability to perform, deliver healthy stands and yield competitively, which is why PRIDE is comfortable with this transition,” Chapple says.

On its own, Chapple says Stamina® fungicide, “is as essential as morning coffee,” making it a natural to add to the treatment package.

Stamina® provides early-season defense against Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium seed decay which can be at their most harmful when seed is stressed under cool temperatures in early spring.

“The increased vigour that is observed at emergence can quickly translate to bushels at harvest,” says Chapple. “Consistent emergence avoids runt plants and we know that each day of emergence delay we lose potential yield.”
At later growth stages, Stamina® aids in the evenness of crop development, particularly at the VT and R1 stages, with silks emerging more evenly.
Chapple says that’s important, as the optimum time to apply fungicide or insecticide is when all plants have at least one inch of emerged silks 
“The silk/ear is what we really want to protect,” says Chapple. “By having crop consistency, we increase our likelihood of a well-timed spray application.
“As the FMQ/S package rolls out, our growers can rest assured that PRIDE Seeds will be monitoring its efficacy across the country,” says Chapple. “We believe strongly that this package provides our growers with the most effective non-class 12 option to do what they do best.”


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