Advantage Acre

Our success is based on our ability to earn your business every year, both in terms of product performance and perhaps most importantly, how our team meets your needs with product and agronomy information. Our goal at PRIDE Seeds is to address your cropping needs and help grow your business through our Advantage Acre field services program, which includes:

Product Support

  • Best-in-class genetics together with industry-leading traits and seed treatment protection
  • Backed by global research and state-of-the-art breeding technology
  • Aggressive data collection through PCR plots which include over 550 trials across Canada and the Midwest
  • Superior seed quality driven by our dedicated production teams
  • Industry-leading stand protection policy to support our customers in the event of replant or severe stand reduction situations based on seed treatment type used
  • 48-hour field support to answer your questions when you have them, particularly during stand establishment in the spring

Agronomy Support

The PRIDE Seeds agronomy team provides information on agronomy and product positioning so you can take full advantage of the genetic potential of the seed you are buying.

Decision Support

PRIDE Seeds has collaborated with key industry sources to provide you with the information tools you need to make more profitable decisions on the farm.

Payment Options and Programs

  • Flexible payment options including Visa® and MasterCard®
  • Attractive early cash discounts
  • Manage your cash flow by using Partner Plan extended credit programs