Forage Varieties


450HVX.RR HarvXtra

Product Features

  • Superior adaptation for hay and haylage use
  • Designed to ease the traditional yield vs
  • quality tradeoff by offering significantly more flexibility in harvest management
  • Maintain higher quality in the typical alfalfa cutting cycle and also significantly increases the yield of hay or haylage on your farm
  • 40HVX
  • RR HarvXtra alfalfa averages 12-15% higher fiber digestibility (NDFd) and 12-15% higher Relative Forage Quality (RFQ) than conventional alfalfas harvested at the same stage of growth
  • 450HVX
  • RR alfalfa includes Roundup Ready® technology and delivers unsurpassed weed control and excellent crop safety when utilizing Roundup herbicide
  • Very winterhardy (WH= 1
  • 9); 450HVX
  • RR delivers superior stand persistence, even under the toughest weather conditions
  • Excellent disease resistance index (DRI) of 39/40; latest advancement in disease resistance, which includes High Resistance to Aphanomyces Root Rot Race 1, 2 and enhanced multi-race1; and includes multi-race resistance to Anthracnose2
  • Dark green, fine-stemmed, and highly palatable

Ratings EXC = Excellent VG = Very Good G = Good F = Fair
Pest Resistance HR = Highly resistant R = Resistant NR = Non resistant
Fall Dormancy VD = Very Dormant D = Dormant MD = Moderately Dormant ND = Non-Dormant
Winter Hardiness VH = Very Hardy H = Hardy MH = Moderately Hardy NH = Non-Hardy
Persistence VH = Very High H = High M = Moderate L = Low