Forage Varieties



Product Features

  • A blend of three top performing varieties
  • High quality proprietary alfalfas used to insure top performance
  • Excellent disease package with a minimum of R rating for major alfalfa diseases
  • A dependable economical blend
  • Dependable winterhardiness and persistence
  • A blend of top quality alfalfas makes Lightning an ideal choice for either a hay or haylage program

Ratings EXC = Excellent VG = Very Good G = Good F = Fair
Pest Resistance HR = Highly resistant R = Resistant NR = Non resistant
Fall Dormancy VD = Very Dormant D = Dormant MD = Moderately Dormant ND = Non-Dormant
Winter Hardiness VH = Very Hardy H = Hardy MH = Moderately Hardy NH = Non-Hardy
Persistence VH = Very High H = High M = Moderate L = Low