Grain Corn Hybrids


A5225 G2 RIB

2575 CHU

Product Features

  • Proven focus hybrid with outstanding performance over many years
  • A medium-statured plant featuring consistent yield potential and strong agronomics
  • This grain hybrid has open flared husks for enhanced drydown
  • Rapid emergence and strong spring vigour allow for early planting
  • Best performance with aggressive populations

Management Tips

Strong emergence and early vigour allow for early planting. Best performance with aggessive populations. Medium/Short blocky ear style. Position north of maturity rating. Excellent late season intactness with good Goss's Wilt tolerance.
Ratings EXC = Excellent VG = Very Good G = Good F = Fair
Plant Height S = Short M = Medium T = Tall V/T = Very Tall
Flowering E = Early E/A = Early Average A = Average L = Late
Ear Type F = Fixed SF = Semi-Flex FL = Flex


Flowering E
Mid Flowering GDU 1155
Black Layer (GDU) 2290
Emergence EXC
Spring Vigour EXC
Plant Height M
Ear Height Medium/Low
Stalk Strength EXC
Root Strength EXC
Staygreen VG
Drought Tolerance G
Final Population (000s per acre) 34-36
Ear Type F
Test Weight VG
Drydown EXC
Harvest Timing Flexible
Goss's Wilt VG
Gibberella Ear Mould 2
Husk Coverage Flared