Soybean Varieties


PS 2322 XFN


Product Features

  • NEW XtendFlex® traited variety introduction that’s ideally suited for mid MG II market areas
  • Provides tolerance to dicamba, glufosinate, and glyphosate herbicides
  • Offers value-added protection to SCN and Rps 1c phytophthora Rps root rot protection
  • Medium/tall plant with very good standability
  • Position with confidence to bring top-end yield potential

Management Tips

Provides tolerance to dicamba, glufosinate and glyphosate herbicides. Travels well across all soil types. Keeps excellent plant height in heavy clay soils. Larger plant type for earlier canopy closure. Very strong emergence that excels in heavy soils and no-till practices. Will take advantage of higher yield environments. Very good standability with nice harvest appearance.
Ratings EXC = Excellent VG = Very Good G = Good F = Fair
Plant Height S = Short M = Medium T = Tall V/T = Very Tall
Canopy S = Slender M = Medium M/B = Medium Bushy B = Bushy
Hilum colour BL = Black IB = Irregular Black BR = Brown IY = Irregular Yellow
Pubescence T = Tawny (Fauve) LT = Light Tawny GR = Gray


Hilum colour IB
Pubescence GR
Seeds per kg 5400 - 5900
Plant Height M/T
Canopy M/B
Phytophthora Resistance Gene Rps 1c
Phytophthora Field Tolerance VG
Emergence EXC
Standability EXC
White mould resistance VG
Sudden Death Syndrome VG
No-till Adaptability EXC
Sand EXC
Clay EXC
Loam EXC
7" / 18cm EXC
15" - 22" / 38cm-56cm EXC
30" / 76cm EXC
SCN Resistance Source PI88788