Soybean Varieties


PS 3033 XRN


Product Features

  • Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ ideally suited for the early MGIII and late MGII
  • This product presents an opportunity for growers in full late season zones for high performance
  • Value added SCN and Rps 1c Phytophthora root rot protection
  • Provides tolerance to dicamba and glyphosate herbicides
  • Tall bushy plant and well suited for no-till practices
  • Excellent resistance to white mould
  • Excellent height is a big advantage for tighter soils

Ratings EXC = Excellent VG = Very Good G = Good F = Fair
Plant Height S = Short M = Medium T = Tall V/T = Very Tall
Canopy S = Slender M = Medium M/B = Medium Bushy B = Bushy
Hilum colour BL = Black IB = Irregular Black BR = Brown IY = Irregular Yellow
Pubescence T = Tawny (Fauve) LT = Light Tawny GR = Gray


Hilum colour IB
Pubescence GR
Seeds per kg 5500 - 6000
Plant Height T
Canopy B
Phytophthora Resistance Gene Rps 1c
Phytophthora Field Tolerance G
Emergence EXC
Standability EXC
White mould resistance EXC
Sudden Death Syndrome EXC
No-till Adaptability EXC
Sand EXC
Clay EXC
Loam EXC
7" / 18cm VG
15" - 22" / 38cm-56cm EXC
30" / 76cm EXC