PRIDE Seed Advantage

Your success is crucial to our success and each year we strive to deliver superb product performance, enhanced by the expertise of our sales and agronomy teams. These are the people who know our products inside and out and who are well-positioned to help grow your business through:

    • Best-in-class genetics together with industry leading traits and seed treatment protection
    • Access to global research and state-of-the-art breeding technology through our parent company, AgReliant Genetics
    • Agronomy guidance and product positioning to help you take full advantage of your seed’s genetic potential
    • Comprehensive data collection through plot programs across Canada and the US
    • Superior seed quality driven by our dedicated production teams
    • Industry-leading stand protection policy in the event of replant or severe stand reduction situations
    • 48-hour field support to answer your questions, particularly during stand establishment in the spring
    • Attractive payment options and programs which include:
      • Early cash discounts
      • Flexible payment options including Visa® and MasterCard®
      • Partner Plan extended credit programs to help manage cash flow