What is TRS?

Total Ration Solutions (TRS) is the testing and information program we use to identify our best forage products. Alfalfa together with Effective Digestible Fibre (EDF) and Effective Dual Purpose (EDP) silage hybrids, varieties and forage mixtures, are designed to meet the energy, digestibility and protein needs of dairy and beef operations today.

Herd Health with Peace of Mind

PRIDE Seeds operates one of the largest on-farm silage testing programs in Canada where we evaluate the whole plant yield and feed quality. The result is exceptional feed quality and efficiency characteristics, which offer superb energy silage through high starch content and improved fibre digestibility. TRS is designed to deliver improved feed value for your herd with strong agronomics and a longer harvest window for you.

PRIDE TRS system identifies hybrids which maximize silage yield potential and quality. Hybrids are further segmented into two groups:

Effective Digestible Fibre (EDF) hybrids are silage specific and offer the advantage of high digestibility and palatability for improved feeding efficiency.

Effective Dual Purpose (EDP) hybrids offer consistent high energy and silage quality PLUS the flexibility to use as a grain hybrid depending on your operational needs.