Seed Treatments

At PRIDE Seeds we recognize seed treatments offer growers a way to protect their most valuable and most important input investment - their seeds.

Because of this, we are excited to introduce the new PRIDE AgriShield Soybean Treatment System. This system will allow growers to choose the right treatment options for their fields. PRIDE Seeds is proud to offer both an industry-leading fungicide , and a fungicide/insecticide. In addition to these options, we will offer the inoculant lineup we believe gives growers the best return on investment for their farming operations.

The new PRIDE AgriShield Seed Treatment System offers a variety of chemistries, all under one umbrella, allowing growers to determine exactly which soybean seed treatments are best-suited to their operations. Doug Alderman, PRIDE Seeds' Vice-President of Sales and Marketing says, "travelling from coast to coast, we can see that conditions vary significantly, sometimes even within one farm. There is no 'one size fits all' solution, so we've come up with the next best thing - a simplified system."

The PRIDE AgriShield seed treatment system provides:


  • Unsurpassed activity that allows seeds and seedlings to combat early-season insects and diseases, improving emergence and vigour. 
  • An effective way to protect growers' high-value seed investment through enhanced protection of genetic yield potential. 
  • Mitigated risk from environmental conditions, providing confidence and peace of mind for an excellent start to the season. 


Options translate to opportunities.....

PRIDE AgriShield FT provides growers with a fungicide-only treated seed option using VibranceMaxx® which contains the active ingredients sedazane, fludioxonil and metalaxyl-M. This treatment protects against soil-borne diseases such as Rhizoctonia spp., Fusarium spp., Pythium spp. and seed rots in soybeans. If insect control isn't a concern, VibranceMaxx® fungicide offers excellent protectoin against soil-borne diseases. This option features a structured replant policy for soil-borne disease only.

TARGETED DISEASES:                      
Early-Season Phytophtora

PRIDE AgriShield MAX offers an exciting new Non-Class 12 insecticide teamed with fungicide seed treatment. This industry-leading treatment option is a combination of the insecticide cyantraniliprole and the fungicides sedaxane, fludioxonil and a metalaxyl-M. With the addition of Apron®XL, this package offers improved protection from Phytopthora spp., and Pythium spp. along with the Phizoctoni spp., Fusarium and seed rots in soybeans. 

This option features a structured replant policy.

Aphid* Early-Season Phytophthora
Bean Leaf Beetle* Pythium
White Grub Rhizoctonia
Seedcorn Maggot  

PRIDE AgriShield PLUS offers insecticide and fungicide seed treatment using CruiserMaxx Vibrance®, a combination of the insecticide thiamethoxam and the fungicide sedaxane, fludioxonil and metalaxyl-M. This seed care solution optimizes root health by adding he Vigor Trigger® effect with Rooting Power. This fungicide treatment protects against soil-borne diseases such as Rhizoctonia spp., Fusarium spp., Pythium spp. and seed rots is soybeans
This option features a structured replant policy.
This is a Class 12 insecticide with requires growers to follow all applicable government requirements for use.**

Aphid Early-Season Phytophthora
Bean Leaf Beetle Pythium
Seedcorn Maggot Rhizoctonia
White Grub  

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