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The genetic and trait combinations we are marketing today were selected not only for their superior yield potential, but also for their performance under stress conditions. These hybrids were developed to deliver profit.

Dave Den Boer, CCA-ONManager Product Development & Agronomy

A7880G8 RIB

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Product Traits

PRIDE G8 - Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete®

Product Specifications

Heat Units: 3200 CHU

Maturity Days: 105-108 Days

Key Features

  • High yielding PRIDE G8 hybrid with multiple modes of action for control of above
    and below ground insects including Western bean cutworm
  • Full season hybrid with solid stalks and high yield potential
  • RIB Complete® with 5% refuge built into the bag for automatic refuge compliance

Spring Vigour 8

Drought Tolerance 9

Stalk Strength 9

Root Strength 9

Stay Green 9

Drydown 7

Test Weight 8

Product Sheet

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