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PRIDE Seeds offers leading edge "NEW" products each year like G3 and G8's and delivers them with superior service. The PRIDE team has always addressed any concerns I may have. Because of this, I now plant 100% of my corn acres to PRIDE.

Mark Baker Waycroft Farm, Ancaster

A7880G8 RIB

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Product Traits

PRIDE G8 - Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete®

Product Specifications

Heat Units: 3200 CHU

Maturity Days: 105-108 Days

Key Features

  • High yielding PRIDE G8 hybrid with multiple modes of action for control of above
    and below ground insects including Western bean cutworm
  • Full season hybrid with solid stalks and high yield potential
  • RIB Complete® with 5% refuge built into the bag for automatic refuge compliance

Spring Vigour 8

Drought Tolerance 9

Stalk Strength 9

Root Strength 9

Stay Green 9

Drydown 7

Test Weight 8

Product Sheet

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