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Arlene PostmaManager Customer Service & Supply


Welcome to PRIDE Seeds

At PRIDE Seeds our efforts are focused on creating a unique product experience that results in higher profits for our customers.  It is the focus of our actions every day, something that can be found in the details of how we deliver a complete seed and service experience to the farm as a leading supplier of corn and soybean seed to producers across Canada.

In business for over 65 years in Chatham Kent
PRIDE Seeds is part of AgReliant Genetics, one of the fastest growing seed businesses in North America and owned by the two largest non-agrochemical seed businesses in the world. In 2015 we celebrated the 65th anniversary of the PRIDE Seeds' brand in Canada.

Sixty-five years represents a significant milestone. A milestone that not only symbolizes the long term commitment of the PRIDE  Seeds team to agriculture in Canada but also our commitment to delivering on the promise of higher returns for our customers into the future.

Seed grown and packaged in Chatham Kent  - Video -

Our focus is seed, plain and simple, projected through one of the largest breeding and testing programs globally. Our independence allows us to focus on seed and, more importantly, genetic performance.

To deliver that performance requires state of the art production technology and practices to ensure a high quality seed product. We start with the best Canadian seed producers in both corn and soybeans to ensure a quality product from the field. From there, our team of production professionals use the latest processing, grading and packaging equipment at our two seed corn plants in Chatham-Kent to ensure a high quality product in every bag of PRIDE Seeds.