PRIDE Seeds is excited to welcome our 2022 summer students. Each year, we select a handful of college/university students who are working towards a career in agriculture to join our team, learn about the industry and contribute to the success of our organization.

We’d love to introduce to you our summer student team.

Chelsea Sauvé, Eastern Ontario

Chelsea Sauvé is working towards her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at the University of Guelph.

She doesn’t live on a farm but started working in the agriculture industry by completing a co-op at a grain elevator in high school. Since then, she has worked various jobs in cash crop, beef and dairy.

“I chose to study at the University of Guelph to further my scientific knowledge of an industry that never fails to amaze me,” she says.

Chelsea saw the PRIDE Seeds summer position as an opportunity to learn more about the foundations of growing a successful crop. She thought this position would be an excellent opportunity to meet farmers across eastern Ontario and learn about the different approaches to farming throughout the area.

Chelsea aspires to work in the business side of the agriculture industry or for the Canadian government in the Agriculture and Agri-Food sector in the future.

Anderson Fenton, Southwestern Ontario

Anderson Fenton studies Agriculture Business and has the goal of taking over his family’s farm in the future.

Anderson is graduating from Marshalltown Community College and transferring to a university to complete his agriculture business degree.

As a fourth generation Ontario egg farmer and an eighth generation cash crop farmer, Anderson has been heavily involved in local agriculture since he began high school as he served on his local fair board and attended a high school agriculture Special High Skills Major.

He also plays college baseball in Iowa while continuing his education.

Scott Standeaven, Southeastern Ontario

Scott Standeaven studies Animal Science Technology at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta. He was born and raised on a dairy farm where his family milk 120 cows and run 500 acres. In 2022, Scott began his eighth year of 4-H with the Kirkton Dairy Club.

Scott has a keen interest in corn and has worked with PRIDE Seeds previously, which led him to choosing the summer student role this summer.

He aspires to take over his family farm after gaining experience in an off-farm position after graduation.

“I'm very excited for the summer ahead and getting to work with everyone,” says Scott.

Kendall Baker, Eastern Saskatchewan & Manitoba

Kendall Baker is an Assiniboine Community College Grad with a diploma in Agribusiness. She was born in raised in Brandon, Manitoba and grew up visiting her grandparents’ cattle and grain farm. This inspired her to begin her education in ag.

“I’ve always loved the agriculture industry,” she says.

She chose PRIDE Seeds because of her specific interest in corn. After hearing from others about their experience with PRIDE Seeds she knew she wanted to apply to grow her knowledge of another sector of the industry.

While she doesn’t know exactly what job she wants just yet in the future, she does know she wants to continue growing and learning in the agriculture industry and to see where her skills and passions lead her!

Brady Hasson, Central Ontario

Brady is working towards his Agricultural Business and Food degree at the University of Guelph. He lives on a purebred Angus beef operation in Dufferin County and is the third generation in his family to be involved in showing cattle province-wide.

He is active in the 4-H program and enjoys playing competitive sports.

Brady’s father and grandmother have been PRIDE Seeds customers for years, so naturally, he chose to work with us this summer. He also made the choice because he wanted to expand his knowledge of field crops as well as improve his customer-relations skills.

“Working with a strong leadership team and for a company so well respected in the industry has been a great experience for me so far,” says Brady.

After he graduates, Brady hopes to work in agronomy or sales. He knows there are great opportunities in the industry for new grads, so he’s excited to see what the future holds.

“I appreciate everything that PRIDE Seeds has taught me to broaden my skill set and get me ready for the real world, after I graduate from the University of Guelph.”

Aidan Filipchuk Alberta & Western Saskatchewan

Aidan is joining the PRIDE Seeds team for a second consecutive summer in Alberta and western Saskatchewan. He is currently attending the University of Lethbridge where he is working towards his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Science. Aiden is eager to grow in his understanding of all things ag which led him back to PRIDE Seeds.

“When researching companies, PRIDE Seeds stuck out to me, due to their success in the field of corn and soybean production, while still being able to maintain their smaller, close orientated relationships amongst their staff,” Aidan says.

Aidan enjoys being part of a team that will support his growth in agriculture. As someone who has worked primarily in the cattle industry, he is excited to learn more about beef and dairy cattle nutrition and how corn can play an integral role in their diet. He knows nutrition is an essential component to the success of a beef or dairy operation.

In the future, Aidan hopes to become a full-time agronomist.